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today it is easy to open a personal or corporate account multi iban with Codego with any entity worldwide.

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Today you can have a truly crypto friendly bank account

Finally you will be able to use it to send SEPA or receive SEPA payments from virtual asset exchanges. We follow the highest anti-money laundering and transaction monitoring rules, but your account will have no limits for your investments or trading.

  • Receive your payments in real time
  • You can be a resident of any state (except sanctioned countries)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find one of the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You can have any residence to have a EUR account to make SEPA and SEPA instant payments. We do not only provide service in sanctioned countries

The setup is really quick, sign up and in a couple of minutes your account is open.

So far, deposit guarantee schemes in Europe are organised at national level, although minimum standards have been agreed at EU level. Under EU rules, €100,000 per depositor is guaranteed through such schemes. Some Member States have several schemes in place, organised by different banking groups, such as savings banks, cooperative banks, public sector banks or private banks.

There is no transaction or amount limit, the important thing is that it does not impact any AML problems.

Codego Personal Bank Account

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European iBAN

Simplify payments with local touch! Open prestigious European local IBAN fast and easy!.


Effortlessly transfer funds across 33 countries using SEPA or SEPA instant and experience your gateway to secure international payments.

Biometric Authorization payments

Safety first of all. Our biometric system will be the new 2fa to authorize your payments. With Codego just smile and the transaction will be authorized.

Direct Debit IBAN

Simplify payments with Direct Debit IBAN: The hassle-free way to automate your recurring transactions.

Low Cost

Keep more of your money where it belongs. Codego pay guarantees the best fees on the market!.

NO Setup Cost

We offer different plan without setup cost and no monthly fee.

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